Root Canals

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Root canal therapy is a dental operation that seeks to rescue a tooth that has been injured or diseased by removing the inflamed or infected pulp, cleaning and disinfecting the root canals, and then filling and sealing them. This procedure is performed in order to save the tooth. This therapy is often required when dental decay, trauma, or fissures enable germs to penetrate the tooth’s inner pulp, leading to infection and inflammation. Infection and inflammation are also symptoms of pulpitis.

The technique entails anesthetizing the region surrounding the tooth in question, isolating it with a rubber dam, and drilling an access hole into the crown of the tooth. Following the removal of the diseased pulp using specialized devices, the root canals are then cleansed, reshaped, and disinfected. After the preparation of the canals, they are then stuffed with a biocompatible substance, often gutta-percha, and sealed with adhesive cement.


What is the result of root canal treatment?

Following the completion of the root canal therapy, a filling, either temporary or permanent, will be inserted in order to seal the access hole. Additionally, a dental crown may be required in order to fortify and preserve the tooth, in addition to restoring its natural appearance. Root canal therapy is a frequent and efficient method that can save a tooth that has been injured or infected, reduce discomfort, and stop future issues from occurring. temporary or permanent filling is placed to close the access hole. In many cases, the tooth will require a dental crown to provide additional strength and protection, as well as to restore its natural appearance.