Our Technology


Itero Intraoral Scanner


The iTero Intraoral Scanner is a touch-enabled device that provides a more precise view of your oral cavity, including the mouth, gums, teeth, and all other oral structures. The primary advantage of using this tool is its facilitation of digital impressions for Invisalign and other orthodontic procedures, without causing any irritation or pain.


The Advantages of iTero scanning at dental office

There are numerous benefits to utilizing the iTero Scanner. Firstly, it is faster, cleaner, and significantly more accurate compared to traditional impressions. As a result, patients spend less time in the chair and receive a more precise diagnosis.
Unlike conventional impressions that often require multiple attempts to achieve the desired outcome, iTero eliminates the need for such approaches, resulting in a smoother experience for patients and shorter office visits.
The scanning process can be paused and resumed as many times as necessary to ensure the patient’s comfort.
Since the impressions are entirely digital, the likelihood of overlooking potential issues is reduced. Orthodontists can address possible concerns early in the treatment plan.
The 3D iTero scanning allows for a preview of treatment outcomes, even before undergoing the actual procedure.
The iTero Scanner leaves no room for errors, enabling dentists to create natural-looking bridges, veneers, crowns, and other restorations. Additionally, it minimizes the discomfort associated with holding a tray in place for extended periods.


Same Day  Crowns – Technology

With the Glidewell Fastmill.io digital dentistry system, we can now provide our patients with the convenience of same-day dental restorations. In the past, the process involved capturing intraoral scans, designing the restoration, and sending the information to a dental lab for crown fabrication. This meant wearing a temporary dental crown until the permanent one was ready, requiring a second visit for placement. However, with this in-office milling unit, we can eliminate the need for a temporary crown and the second appointment. Instead, we take diagnostic images, design the perfect smile, mill the dental crown on-site, and complete the restoration in just one visit to our dental office.


Benefits of Glidewell Fastmill.io

It is designed to produce dental crowns with an exceptional fit and incredibly precise margins. This means that when we create crowns using this system, they seamlessly and snugly fit into the patient’s mouth, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality.
High-torque electric spindle eliminates the need for an external air compressor, streamlining the milling process and making it more efficient. As a result, we can produce dental restorations without relying on additional equipment, saving time and resources.
Ability to enable same-day milling of dental crowns. Thanks to this advanced technology, we can design and craft dental restorations promptly, all within a single visit to our dental office. This means that patients no longer have to endure the inconvenience of wearing a temporary crown and returning for a second appointment. Instead, they can experience a more efficient and streamlined process, leaving our office with their permanent crown in place on the same day.
Glidewell Fastmill.io digital dentistry system offers a range of benefits that elevate the quality of our dental restorations. From its ability to produce crowns with exceptional fit and precise margins to its convenient integration into our workspace, and the remarkable feature of same-day crown milling, this advanced technology enhances both the patient’s experience and the efficiency of our dental practice.